Learn Guitar with Fapy

Students from across the world have sought out Fapy as the eminent instructor of Django Reinhardt style jazz guitar.   He has been giving masterclasses at his home in the Netherlands for many years and has an unprecedented reputation as a teacher of Hot Club swing guitar.

Students wishing to contact Fapy to discuss their suitability to take private instruction.

Please use the contact form and include further information including details on how long they have been playing and also what they are hoping to accomplish.

Fapy is also one of the instructors at www.gypsyjazzacademy.com If you can’t travel to take private instruction with the master, then this could be the ideal solution for you.

Students can view the video lessons from Fapy, Lollo Meier and the other academy instructors and can upload a video of their progress for Fapy to appraise.

Fapy shares his insight on playing this challenging guitar style and gives instruction on the essential techniques of playing solid rhythm and also on how to improvise.